Humboldt University Berlin
Summer Semester 2016: “Democracy and Participation in Latin America”
Summer Semester 2013: “Theories of Democracy: Concepts and Applications
Winter Semester 2012-13: “Participation and Deliberation: Recent Debates on Democratic Theory

Hertie School of Governance Berlin
Spring 2015 and Spring 2014: “Democratic Innovations and Participatory Governance

Goethe University Frankfurt am Main
Winter Semester 2013-14: “Participatory Democracy and Citizen Engagement in Latin America

State University of Rio de Janeiro, Institute of Social and Political Studies (IESP-UERJ)
Spring 2011: Contemporary Political Theory
Fall 2010: Participatory Democracy: Cases and Methods

Rio de Janeiro University Research Institute (IUPERJ)
Spring 2010: Contemporary Political Theory
Fall 2009: Democratic Theory
Spring 2009: Contemporary Political Theory
Fall 2008: Democratic Theory
Spring 2008: Contemporary Political Theory

Fundação Getúlio Vargas, Law School (FGV Direito-Rio)
Spring 2009: Theory of Justice
Fall 2008: Theory of Justice
Spring 2008: Theory of Justice
Fall 2007: Theory of Justice
Fall 2006: Introduction to Legal Studies
Spring 2006: Introduction to Legal Studies
Fall 2005: Introduction to Legal Studies

State University of Rio de Janeiro, Law School
Spring 2007: Theory of Justice; Contemporary Political Theory
Fall 2007: Contemporary Legal Theory; Contemporary Political Theory

Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, Center for Continuing Education (CCE/PUC-Rio)
Fall 2001- Spring 2003: Introduction to Constitutional Law


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